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What are the advantages of the Allurion Program?


Simplicity: The Allurion Balloon is swallowed during a brief 20 minute visit. No surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia is required*. Support: Patients receive medical and nutritional support for the duration of the program. Patients also receive a connected scale that allows them to monitor their progress. Results: The Allurion Balloon helps you kick-start your weight-loss journey [...]

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What is included in the Allurion Program?


The Allurion Program includes the Allurion Balloon for approximately 4 months. It also includes a 6-month medical and nutritional support, including one month before placement, and one month after the Balloon passes. Patients receive a “smart” connected scale and mobile app that allows them to monitor and share their progress with their healthcare team.

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What is the Allurion Program?


The Allurion Program is a 4-month comprehensive weight loss program built around the Allurion Balloon, a breakthrough weight-loss device.

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