The Elipse Balloon

What are the dietary restrictions?


Following physician approval, there are no absolute dietary restrictions with the Allurion Program. However, to maximize weight loss and comfort, the nutritionist will make recommendations tailored to each patient.

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How is the balloon removed?


After approximately 16 weeks inside the stomach, a time-activated release valve on the balloon will open, allowing it to empty and pass naturally through the gastrointestinal tract without the need for a removal procedure*. What happens then? By the time the balloon passes, the patient’s body will be accustomed to feeling healthy and energized with [...]

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How long does it take to return to normal activities after placement?


Following physician approval, most people are able to return to normal activity within a day or two, but some people experience nausea, abdominal cramping, and occasionally vomiting after balloon placement. In most cases, these symptoms are well-controlled with the standard medications prescribed by the physician.

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Is the balloon easy to swallow?


Most people are able to swallow the Allurion Balloon without issue. People who do have difficulty swallowing it can be assisted by their physician, who will guide the balloon into place—still without endoscopy or anesthesia.

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What happens on placement day?


The patient swallows a capsule containing the deflated balloon along with a thin tube. Once the balloon is confirmed to be in your stomach via x-ray, the balloon is filled through the catheter with 550 ml of water. The placement takes place during a 20-minute outpatient visit.

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What is the Allurion Balloon?


The Allurion Balloon is a soft balloon placed in your stomach. It is the first gastric balloon that requires no surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia for placement or removal*. The balloon is placed during a brief 20-minute outpatient visit. After approximately 16 weeks, it empties and passes naturally*.

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